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Apart from the framed print, the photographic book is perhaps the best way to view and display collections of photography.  To have a bookshelf full of volumes produced by photographers is to have access to a multitude of different viewpoints on the world, viewpoints that may be immediate, documentary, creative, revelatory, meditative, angry, humorous, cross-cultural, political, historical, introspective, ebullient. 

The publishing of photographic books has taken a leap forward in recent years with the advent of on-line publishing houses which allow the production of low print-run, high quality volumes at reasonable prices.  

The books reproduced here are presently available, and may be purchased from Blurb Books (  Please contact me directly if you have any difficulty sourcing them or are interested in publication sizes other than those listed on Blurb.

You may also contact me directly if you would like a book tailor-made from any combination of the images on this website.  All of my photographic publications are limited editions.

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