The Edge of the Earth

Australia is an island continent, a land mass that is largely desert, surrounded by some of the world’s great oceans.  The Pacific lies to the east, the Southern Ocean to the south, the Timor and the Arafura Seas to the north, the Indian Ocean to the west.  Most of the population live within fifty kilometres of the water, and so the ocean plays an important part in the lives of many.

Standing on the shore and looking out to sea one gets lost in an immensity of space.  It is easy to understand how ancient people believed that you could sail off the edge if you ventured too close.

Utilising a central horizon makes photographs which at one level are identical: half sky, half sea.  But both parts of this equilibrium are in a state of continuous flux, leading to a series of images that are exactly the same, and completely different.

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All Text and Images © Stuart Peel 2016