Experimetal Projects

Photography has always been an experimental art.  In our digital age there are many possible avenues for the manipulation of images using computer technology, but many contemporary practitioners still utilise techniques that have been with us since the middle of the 19th century. 

Photographs are still made with pinhole cameras.  Some of the earliest techniques such as Daguerreotypes and cyanotypes remain popular.  Photographers still use century-old cameras, Polaroids and even ‘toy’ cameras from manufacturers such as Holga and Lomo.  


Many photographers use such processes to give their images a unique look, or to instil an element of unpredictability into what has become, for many, a thoroughly predictable process.  But digital photography and processing has opened up unprecedented possibilities for the experimentation and manipulation of images. 

All of the images in this section have been manipulated in some way.  They may have all began as images of a real ‘world-out-there’ recorded by a camera and a lens, but become, through a variety of methods and techniques, deviations from ‘straight’ photography.




Light Abstracts