Fine Art Prints

‘Fine art’ photography is not just photography by another name.  It is photography that has at its centre something more than a desire to represent: it implies an engagement with a subject and an idea.  It is based on a desire to uncover a truth—even a small truth—about whatever is photographed.


Not every image is destined to be a ‘fine art’ print.  Many photographs are made for display, as a record, to promote a place, a person or a product.  But to make it as fine art image a photograph must have another level of interest, an almost indefinable characteristic that makes it stand out from the rest.  With some images this is obvious, and a photographer will know that a particular image will be worthy of ‘fine art’ even before the shutter is pressed.  With other photographs the process of discovery takes time, and you find that you are returning to a specific image over and over, that there is something that compels you to return. 


These are the images that become ‘fine art’ images. 


All fine art prints are made with an emphasis on precision of colour reproduction and are mounted in museum standard frames using archival, acid-free materials to safeguard your investment and to ensure that your prints will give you pleasure for many years.




All Text and Images © Stuart Peel 2016