Most of us lead lives that don't allow us time to enjoy the simple pleasure of finding beauty in the everyday.  We become indifferent to changes of seasons, chance juxtapositions of colour and pattern, or the joy at seeing a red building sharp against a blue sky.  We rush past the half-open doorway and the back-alley, not having time to find out what is just around the corner.



I have taken photographs since I was a child.  My uncle gave me a Kodak 127 Brownie, a smooth-edged camera made of fashionable brown Bakelite, and I quickly discovered the joy of getting lost in the viewfinder and exploring a world with sharply defined edges. 


Nowadays, I carry a camera most places that I go to and record what I see.  Most of my time is spent in my home city of Perth, so many of my images are drawn from the streets and spaces around me.  I travel when I can, and when in the next town, the next city or overseas, I am still drawn to the small things.  A play of light, a splash of colour, the corner of a building, an unusual sign, a solitary cloud.


And the excitement I felt all those years ago returns every time I put a camera to my eye.