Urban Landscapes

There is a long and vital history of landscape in Western art.  In the physical construction of landscape gardens, the high point was late 18th century in the work of British landscape gardeners, Humphrey Repton and ‘Capability’ Brown.  In painting, it happened at roughly the same time, also in Britain, in the works of J.M.W. Turner and John Constable.  In photography, the landscape has had many champions, but none as influential as the American, Ansel Adams.

Most of us today are well-removed from rural lives.  The landscape most of us know best is that of the city—the streetscape, the skyline, the park and the alley. 

But the idea of ‘the landscape’, of making pictures of the places where we live and work, and making these pictures both representative and inspirational, still has a place.  We just need to turn the camera to what we know and see.

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All Text and Images © Stuart Peel 2016